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Tour by minibus  to the museum of ancient beekeeping in Stripeikiai. Places to be visited on tour: Ginuciai watermill, mounds and Ladakalnis. The main goal of this trip is to join the beautiful relaxation program at the museum, which is being held on the second floor. You will be hanging in a hammock while listening to the bee sounds and breathing in the smells of beeswax, honey and propolis (bee glue). 
After all, we will hike up to Ladakalnis where we will have tea tasting.

For groups from 6 people.
Price per person: €15,- (included in the price: ticket to the museum, relaxation program, group guide, tea and cookies).
Duration: ~4 hours.

*There are many other educational programs available at the museum

More information on +37062485481 or at [email protected]



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