Ignalina District Tourism Information Center

Areas of activity

Areas of activity of the Ignalina District Tourism Information Center:

  • Collection, accumulation and provision of information about tourism services, visited objects and places.
  • Publication and distribution of informational and cartographic publications.
  • Ordering of customer accommodation, travel tickets, tourism service packages, tickets to theaters, concerts, sports and other events.
  • Distribution of information representing the region of Ignalina.
  • Accumulation and management of the database on the tourist resources of the Ignalina district.
  • Preparation of guide courses.
  • Informing the public about tourism services, places of interest and objects.
  • Promotion of Ignalina district as an attractive area for tourists.
  • Providing services that improve the quality of visitor and tourist experience.
  • Formation of the region's touristic image and international awareness.
  • Developing and promoting the development of tourism products and services.
  • Taking care of advertising of tourism services, organization of events promoting tourism, excursions, trade in souvenirs and folk crafts.
  • Carrying out other activities related to the provision of tourism information services and the promotion of tourism.

Additional activity:

  • Retail trade, except trade of motor vehicles and motorcycles;
  • Vacationers and other short-term accommodation activities, code;
  • Food and beverage services;
  • Publishing activities;
  • Advertising and market research;
  • Other professional, scientific and technical activities;
  • Renting and leasing;
  • Travel agencies, tour operators, advance booking services and related activities;
  • Education;
  • Sports activities, entertainment and recreation activities;
  • Other personal service activities.

Information updated on 12/19/2023