Guides. Protected Area Visitor Ticket

Guides of Ignalina District Tourism Information Center (in Lithuanian, English, Russian) +37067193193 , [email protected]

  • sightseeing tour of the city of Ignalina (about 1.5 hours)
  • according to a separately agreed program by district

Self-employed guides:

Guides of Aukštaitija National Park Visitor Center +370 386 47478 :

  • Sigutė Mudinienė (in Lithuanian, Russian)
  • Giedrė Šukytė (in Lithuanian, English)
  • Linas Stanaitis (in Lithuanian, English)


Information on tickets for visitors to protected areas

Tickets for visitors to protected areas can be purchased via short message service (SMS). The price of the message is 1.35 eur (visitor's ticket for 5 days - 1 euro and 0.35 eur service fee.) Send the text of the message to 1860 with the abbreviation of the national or regional park. Abbreviations for parks in Ignalina district: Aukštaitija National Park - ANP, Gražutė Regional Park - GRP, Sirvėtai Regional Park - SIRP. More information about the visitor's ticket can be found HERE