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Protection of whistleblowers

The Law on the Protection of Whistleblowers of the Republic of Lithuania establishes the protection mechanism, rights, duties, protection, promotion and assistance measures for persons who have submitted information about a violation in an institution with which they are connected or have been connected by employment or contractual relations, in order to create suitable opportunities to report violations that pose a threat to or infringing the public interest, to ensure the prevention and disclosure of such violations.

A violation can be reported by any person who is or was connected to the Ignalina District Tourism Information Center by employment or contractual relations (consulting, contracting, subcontracting, internships, internships, voluntary activities, etc.) employment or pre-contractual relations, as well as other persons.

We recommend reporting a violation by filling out this Notice of Violation form and sending it by e-mail. to the e-mail address [email protected] or deliver to the institution at Ateities st. 23, Ignalina.
The notice of violation must include:

  1. Who, when, in what way and what kind of violation is being prepared to commit, is doing or has committed, etc.;
  2. Date and circumstances of becoming aware of the violation;
  3. Name, surname, personal identification number, workplace, other contact data;
  4. If possible, provide any available documents, data or information revealing signs of a possible violation.


Legislation regulating the protection of whistleblowers:

Whistleblower Protection Law of the Republic of Lithuania

Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania "On the Implementation of the Law on the Protection of Whistleblowers of the Republic of Lithuania"


Information updated on 12/20/2023