Ignalina District Tourism Information Center

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Ignalina District Tourism Information Center

Ateities st. 23, Ignalina 30121, ph.: 8386 52 597, email: [email protected]

Company code 155628799, A.S. LT34 4010 0437 0007 0590, AB Luminor Bank, Bank code 40100


Ignalina District Tourism Information Center is a non-profit, public limited liability company with a civil liability established in accordance with the procedure by the Law on Public Institutions of the Republic of Lithuania, whose purpose is to meet public interests in the pursuit of public benefit activities.

The sole founder (owner) of the Center is the Ignalina District Municipal Council.


The main objectives of the activity are:

  • To form an attractive, hospitable, competitive image of the settlements of Ignalina, Strigailiskis and Palūšė as resort areas.
  • Promote the development of tourism services.
  • To increase the flow of domestic and foreign tourists.
  • Provide high-quality Ignalina Sports and Entertainment Center (SPA) services to local residents, city guests and incoming tourists.


  • Collect and provide tourism information to consumers.
  • To popularize the Ignalina region in Lithuania and abroad, to participate in the international tourism exhibitions.
  • Create and distribute cognitive, informative and cartographic tourism publications.
  • Consult and co-operate with tourism service providers, participate in the activities of the Ignalina Tourism Cluster.
  • Explore the tourism market and infrastructure.
  • Manage visitor statistics and generalize trends.
  • Support rural tourism and promote its activities.
  • Organize cognitive tours in the Ignalina region for media representatives and tourists.
  • To organize sightseeing tours introducing the tourism resources of the region.
  • Raising qualifications by participating in seminars, conferences and courses.
  • Continue cooperation with institutions and organizations, providing services for organizing sports, active recreation and health camps.

Areas of activity:

  • Providing tourism services.
  • Promotion of tourism.
  • Collecting and providing tourism information to consumers.
  • Creation, publication and dissemination of informative and cartographic publications on tourism services, objects and locations.
  • Worker qualification upgrading.
  • Cooperation with institutions and organizations involved in tourism policy.
  • Physical well-being and sports activities, etc.

Information updated on 2021-12-17