Ignalina District Tourism Information Center

Conference Halls

Conference Halls in Ignalina city:

Hotel-restaurant " Žuvėdra "

The modern conference room can accommodate up to 40 people at a time. Accommodation and meals for participants are also provided.


Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Regional Public Service Business Center (Ateities St. 23, Ignalina)

The up-to-date 70 to 100-seat conference room features an analogue simultaneous translation system. There is a possibility to arrange group work tables. Equipped with an audio and video system. Available in 3 x 4 m. size screen. The area of the hall is 144 sq. m. Coffee breaks can be arranged. There is a kitchenette for coffee / tea, snacks and so on near the hall.


Conference Halls in rural areas:

Campus Viridis Conference Hall

The Campus Viridis complex has 3 modern conference rooms with a capacity of 20 to 120 people in the central building. Here you will find modern video and audio equipment, coffee breaks and meals, overnight stays.


Sports and Recreation Center " Ievalaukis"


Homestead " Miškiniškės "

There is a projector, sound system, floor heating, air conditioning.