Almajas Campsite


The campsite is located in Aukštaitija National Park, in Minčiagirė forset, on the south-east shore of the Almajas lake.

According to the information of "Valstybiniai miškai", the campsite area is ~ 5 ha. Number of parking spaces in the parking lot is 30. The campsite has 6 stands, 66 benches, 30 tables, 5 arbors, 1 steps, 6 bridges, 6 toilets, 16 fireplaces, 13 trash bins, 2 changing cabins, 1 playground.

How to arrive? When driving from Ignalina, drive north-west about 13 km. The campsite is located on the south-east side of Almajas lake.

Camping is free.

Works during the summer season.


Kid's playground


In summer


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