Homestead "Janinos vienkiemis"

Rural tourism homesteads

Here you can rest alone and nothing will bother you. Built in the pre-war period, on the edge of a hilly forest stands a spacious country house and an authentic sauna. Here you can feel the spirit of a rural life, recover from the noise of the city. There is a pond, a garage in the courtyard, next to Lake Gulbine. Homestead is 3 km from the Lithuanian Winter Sports Center and 5 km to the Palūšė Tourist Center.

The homestead has 3 rooms, 14 beds.

Languages: Lithuanian, Russian, Polish.

The homestead is open all year round.


Sauna / Kubil


In summer
All the year round


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    Labai jauki vieta,super šeimininkai....tikrai rekomenduoju...