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Homestead "Paežerinė"

Rural tourism homesteads

If want to have a rest in loneliness, to be released from everyday cares, to escape from depressing city noise, to plunge into the wild nature – kindly we invite you to visit modern, issued in ancient style, the manor being absolutely close from Aukstaitija national park and spread in private possession on the bank of tremendous lake "Sungardas". Nearby the being Aukstaitija national park is known for excellent pure lakes, incorporated picturesque channels, ethnographic villages, differs expressive landscape forms and an abundance of woods. Our manor is a fine place as for interested persons to learn the nature and a cultural heritage of Aukstaitija, and for those who simply wishes to have a rest from city noise more close. Almost everyone will open here for himself something new and remembered. Travel on neighboring wood paths and coasts of lakes on a bicycle or on foot will leave at you indelible impression. New log house with a terrace on which second floor there are three cozy bedrooms, on the ground floor the terrace, a fireplace, a rest zone, table, modern kitchen with stock, a toilet and a shower cabin is equipped. Also there is a tremendous romantic bedroom through which huge window it is possible to admire lake, a decline and the unique nature in any weather


On the bank of lake the traditional bath with a spacious terrace is constructed. On manor the parking, on the bank of lake – an arbor with a brazier for shish kebabs is equipped, at the house the playground for children, a swing, a platform for basketball has taken place.


Here it is possible to swim by a boat, to go for a drive on bicycles, also to fish, collect berries and mushrooms, to enjoy beauty of the untouched nature. The lake "Sungardas" incorporates to several lakes, therefore it is possible to reach huge lake "Azvintas". The lake "Sungardas" - deep, is famous for big breams swimming in it, cancers. We offer active and quiet rest. Fine conditions for rest together. We expect visitors all year long. If be going to travel on our country, to get acquainted with beauty of its nature, traditions, necessarily call in to us. Can spend the night, be warmed at a fireplace, bake roast in a domestic arbor. Here for you always wait.


The homestead has 3 rooms, 7 beds.

Languages: Lithuanian, Russian.


The homestead is open all year round.


Kid's playground
Basketball / volleyball court
Sauna / Kubil


In summer
All the year round