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Linkmenas Campsite


The campsite is located in the Aukštaitija National Park, in Minčiagirė forest, on the northern shore of Lake Linkmenas.

On the southern side of the lake, in Papiliakalnės village is Ladakalnis - a 175-meter high hill, a geomorphologic natural monument. From the hill you can see at least 6 lakes: Ūkojas, Linkmenas, Pakasas, Asėkas, Alksnaitis, and Alksnas. It is customary to put pebbles on top of a hill by the oak growing up to the top.

According to the information of "Valstybiniai miškai", the campsite area is ~ 0.5 ha. There are 6 parking spaces on the vehicle. The campsite has 2 stands, 13 benches, 9 tables, 2 bridges, 1 toilet, 2 fireplaces, 1 trash bin, 1 changing cabin.


Camping is free.

The campsite is open during the summer season.


In summer