Ignalina District Tourism Information Center

Bird Village

Happy Bird lives in Cijonai!
It's a place in the picturesque Aukstaitija National Park, where you can see more birds than you've ever seen and hear more of their voices than you've ever heard before.
When you visit the Birds Village, you will learn about the birds.

We will feast on scrambled eggs made from various birds' eggs cooked in a giant pan over a campfire and freshly brewed fragrant herbal tea.
The hostess can tell about these hours about hours, because only in the "Birds Village" many species of poultry live. Among them are from Africa.
It's said that here you can see the bird of your happiness, learn to write a geese feather, skip the bow and see what we have not seen, hear what we have not heard. A huge lucky bird's nest turns around in the cyons, where everyone will walk.
Check out the newly prepared exotic poultry eggs.
Guests here are warmly welcomed, gourmet dishes and other surprises awesome.
The program is for adults, families, children groups and students.

Featured programs:

  • "Bird's Village"
  • "Kaledinė prakartelė"
  • "Lucky"
  • Wedding photoshoot, children's birthdays and more are also available.

The educational program costs from 9 euro per person.

We also invite to visit individual visitors: the adult price is 2 euros, for the child - 1 euro.