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Educational programs offered by the Ignalina Region Museum

Ignalina Regional Museum not only collects, protects, investigates and exhibits museum values, but also carries out educational activities. The museum has cognitive, historical, ethnographic and calendar holiday programs. Educational programs - the opportunity to study in the museum environment, directly acquainted with the objects of the museum and exhibitions held.
Educational activities are easily adaptable for visitors of all ages. If the activity is for a particular age audience, this will be indicated in its description. (http://ignalinosmuziejus.lt/ in the section "Education") Educational programs please order in advance by phone. (8 386) 53147, mob. tel. +370 675 010 98.


Featured programs:

  • "Rojus Secrets" (May 1 - October 1)
  • "Fishing in the Ignalina Region"
  • "Decorate the House for Christmas" (December)
  •  "Magic Power of the Word" (March - April)
  •  "Autumn Bouquet" (September to October only)
  • "Exhibit tells"
  •  "Old School" (September only)