Gabrielė Krulytė's painting exhibition "Breath"


October 10 6 p.m. we invite you to the opening of the exhibition.

Who will revive when the soul is oppressed by desolation? What will allow you to breathe in the smell of fresh air when everything has sunk in thick darkness? The painting exhibition ATOKVĖPIS is the work of Gabrielė Krulytė inspired by the sounds of music. The exhibition invites you to breathe, in other words, to swim, from the oppressive darkness of the soul and to feel the fresh breath of creativity. By improvising and interpreting Karolina Kieraitė's songs, the artist conveys the flight of the human soul, the indelible desire to live, believe, hope, dream and wait.

You give Perfect Peace to those who trust in Your name, Your will, Your faithful love (Karolina Kieraitė - hymn “You give”)

The exhibition will take place on October 10 - 31, 2020, in the gallery “Skaptukas”, address Ažužilės str. 15, Ignalina.