September events in the departments of Ignalina District Culture Center

Other events

Department of the Great Hall

20 d. 3 p.m. Educational felting lesson with master of traditional crafts M. Lukaševičienė.

Dūkštas subdivision

14 d. 3:30 p.m. Opening the youth space

18 d. From 11:30 p.m. Time is coordinated Musical autumn afternoon "Let's sit down and listen".

With the live music group "Maybe Tea?"

24 d. 12 p.m. Opening of E. Trapikienė's puppet exhibition "When Inspiration Catches" and puppet tying education. (Pre-registration for education tel. 860564027).

30 d. 1 p.m. Movie Afternoon

By agreement - Handicraft classes.

Daugėliškis subdivision

From 1 d. up to 30 d. Exhibition of Elvyra Patiejūnienė's knitwear

15 d. 3 p.m. Educational session "Tying straw gardens", with artist Dalia Pajėdienė

29 d. 3 p.m. Afternoon "Long autumn evenings"

Ceikiniai department

1 d. from 3 p.m. Afternoon dedicated to the International Day of the Elderly "Although the head is blue, the heart never ages"

From 10 p.m. until 31d. Exhibition of Vidiškės women's handicraft group - "Knitted thoughts"

30 d. from 9 p.m. Halloween evening for young people.

Kazitiškis division

1 d. 2 p.m. Afternoon dedicated to Music and the Elderly Day "Song Bouquet"

17 d. 2 p.m. Educational afternoon - Production of bouquets and paintings

Rimmes division

6 d. 2 p.m. Lecture by Ramutė Vaičaitienė, Doctor of Medical Sciences, on the effects of stress on the body and its management.

14 d. 1 p.m. Education "Embroidery technique" with V. Jarmuševičienė.

28 d. 1 p.m. Decoupage education

Linkmen Division

16 d. 4 p.m. afternoon "Vaišingass ruduo" together with Linkmenai village community in Antaprūdė single-family home

Every Friday from 5 p.m. sports evenings

Mažėnai branch

14 d. 2 p.m. Educational session "Autumn outside the window"

17 d. 7 p.m. Karaoke evening "Sing, heart!"

Cannons Division

Educational Thursdays for students

8 d. 6 p.m. Flowers from paper

22 d. 6 p.m. Bracelet weave

Šiūlėnai Old Crafts Department

From 1 d. until 31 d. International Felt Day - Exhibition of Felt Works "Warmth and Health"

16 d. 3 p.m. Afternoon "Come, listen, see, participate, try"

Strigailiškis division

1 d. 2 p.m. Educational session "Leaf flowers"

30 d. 4 p.m. Dinner "Let's relax together after autumn work"

14 d. and 28 d. Table tennis and checkers afternoon

Tverečius branch

17 d. Dinner "All the best, autumn"

Taujūnai division

1 d. 1 p.m. The dinner is dedicated to the International Day of the Elderly, "Alkali will float and a song will still sound in the heart"

17 d. 1 p.m. Educational activity "Basket weaving"

Inland division

From 9 p.m. Documentary photo exhibition "Social Portraits"

16 d. 8 p.m. Movie night

24 d. 5 p.m. Festive party "Autumn color melody"

Craft clubs, acting clubs and table tennis evenings will take place throughout October by arrangement.