Other events

October 30 night. Palūšė. Palūšė dune. Not everyone will know what will happen.
When the sky is darkened, the night souls will be revived. Atgis in various forms.

An extraordinary meeting of such others will take place in Palūšė dune.

The hosts of that night are DJ Alko and Lukas Mi. Little is known about them, the dailies do not write much, because they can be met very rarely, and those who succeed do not talk much afterwards.

Some interesting facts are described in the old encyclopedia:

DJ Alko is one of the most famous people in the world of the Lithuanian urban movement. He has been doing DJing for a decade, mixing the rhythms of hip hop, reggae and funk music.

Lukas Mi - information is silenced, but musical activity has been going on for decades at parties and festivals.
Everyone else wishing to join the Night Palis MUST register their existence here:, as only selections will receive access instructions.

Entrance passport fee - 5 Eur. And admission will be possible only with a ticket and the identity document of the selected (and of course - GP)