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One day route on the river Buka

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Briefly about the route
14 km
1.5 h.
Route surface

After starting kayaking in Utenykškis Lake, swim a few hundred meters keeping to the right side of the shoreline around the corner of Utenykškis Lake. Continuing on the right bank, sail through the Lašmens Strait, characterized by rich marsh flora. After overcoming the swampy holidays, you will cross the strait together and continue your journey along the Būka River. During the trip, you will be able to rest in ethnographic areas and in campsites located near the river. The shores of Būka rest on wooded groves that enrich its waters. On the left side of your swimming direction, the Ažvinčių forest stands out, on the right - the Vyžiai forest. So, while sailing this river, you will not only get to know the rich flora and fauna of the rivers, but also make sure that the Būka river is one of the cleanest rivers in Lithuania!



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