Blessed Virgin Mary's Name Church in Ceikiniai

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Located in Ceikiniai village, 12 km southeast from Ignalina. In 1773 the nobleman Mikalojus Šmigelskis built a wooden church in Ceikiniai and gave it a beneficence. In 1904 priest Jonas Burba helped Ceikiniai to become a parish. During the World War I, the church was burned down and rebuilt only after the war. In 1947 priest Bronius Laurinavičius expanded the church. Between 1963-1979 priest Karolis Garuckas worked at church and actively defended the rights of believers. In 2016 the church burned again. The former church was equipped with three altars. The 3-story wooden bell tower still stands in the churchyard. Currently, church restoration works is being completed.


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