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Blessed Virgin Mary's Name Church in Ceikiniai

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In 1773 nobleman Mikalojus Šmigelskis built a wooden church in Ceikiniai and assigned a benefice to it. The parish was established in 1921. During the First World War, the church burned down and was rebuilt only after the war. In 1947 Pastor Bronius Laurinavičius expanded the church. 1963-1979 the church was pastored by Karolis Garuckas, who actively defended the rights of believers (buried in the churchyard). In 2016 the church burned once more. The current Ceikiniai Blessed Virgin Mary’s Name Church was rebuilt in just one year - in 2017 by Ceikiniai community initiative. There is a 3-floor wooden bell tower that survived the fire in the churchyard. 

Ceikiniai Blessed Virgin Mary’s Name Church was unique in that it perfectly reflected the 18th century trends in wooden sacred architecture. The space of the sanctuary was decorated with valuable altars and paintings of that period, later works of folk masters, liturgical supplies, but only a small part of them survived.



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