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Didžiasalis burial ground II, command. Kuronai, the graves of Napoleon

Nature, Observation Towers, Cognitive Trails, Mounds

Didžiasalis burial ground II, named as Kuronai, the graves of Napoleon. The gray burial ground is made up of 10 sand sampils. They are located in an elongated area stretching from southeast to northwest. Sampils are 10-15 years apart. up to 30-35 m away. Sampils range from 7-8 m to 10 m and one is 12 m in diameter and 0.3-05 m. up to 0.8 m and one 1.4 m high, most in the form of a low flattened hemisphere with a part with a flattened top.

Burial is included in the register of cultural heritages.