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The project "Ignalina is ARTi" donated three works of art to the people of Ignalina and guests of the city, which will be constantly open to the public.

From the wall of Česlovas Kudaba Progymnasium is smiling drawing "Cat Geographer" by the artist Rimantas Rolia, which not only delights the school and city community and guests, but also perfectly reflects the activities of Lithuanian geographer, naturalist and signatory Česlovas Kudaba in the field of geography.

“The history of this painting is rich. It was painted in the summer of 1992, in Vidiškės, at my parents' house. I had successfully completed my first course at the Academy of Fine Arts. All of Lithuania lived at the dawn of the restoration of independence.

It was a time of truly global revival. A united Germany flooded the planet with joy with electronic music. The madness of communism no longer hindered the love of the whole world. Such a number of joys heated my creative passion. Everything went well!

In 1996, my "Cats" were selected for the famous Bologna Illustration Exhibition in Italy after a huge competition. This is where the journey of this painting around the world begins. Exhibited at the Itabashi Art Museum in Japan, published in Milan, Italy, Beijing, China, Sigitas Geda Poetry Collection, Lithuania. In 2011, he returned to Japan at the exhibition to comfort the tsunami victims.

In the summer of 2012, as if celebrating the 20th anniversary of its birth, "Cats" are exhibited in the castle of nobles Viskončiai in Pavia, Italy. 2020 - my "Cats" return home, as if remembering that their author turned 50. This year, the circle of fame and adventure, which turned to Ignalina, via Italy and Japan, stopped HERE again. From now on, my "cat geographer" will be on my school, like a witty "colleague" of the wise man of Ignalina region Česlovas Kudaba. That makes me very happy and honored. ”

The wall was decorated by the most famous representative of the neofresco genre in Lithuania and one of the pioneers Tadas Vincaitis - Plūgas.

The project, partly financed by the Lithuanian Culture Council, was implemented by the Ignalina NPP Regional Development Agency.