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The project "Ignalina is ARTi" donated three works of art to the people of Ignalina and guests of the city, which will be constantly open to the public.

Author Mykolė Ganusauskaitė spent her childhood summers in Ignalina district, and most of the artist's works are inspired by the landscapes and nature of this region.
The painting "Marsh" (Lithuanian: "Pelkė") reflects the nature of Aukštaitija and plays beautifully with the environment surrounding the gymnasium, integrating it. The work depicts a wetland discovered during one walk: bright and dark trunks of trees, immersed in still water, in which, as if an extension of the trees themselves, their reflections can be seen, contrasting with the withered white birch booming in the distance.
About the artist: Mykolė Ganusauskaitė (b. 1987) studied at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where she obtained bachelor's and master's degrees. 2015-2017 has lived and worked in Copenhagen since 2017. - In Vilnius. She has organized solo exhibitions in Lithuania, France and Denmark, participated in exhibitions in Lithuania, France, Denmark, the USA and elsewhere. 2013 Laureate of the Young Painter's Prize competition. In 2016, she represented Lithuania at the UNESCO art camp in Andorra. In 2017, she resided in Saari Art Residence in Finland. In 2019, she represented Lithuania at the international artists' meeting "Through the Mountains and Oceans" held in China.
Mykolė Ganusauskaitė's work is dominated by landscape. In the artist's paintings, she moves away from the direct representation of nature, characterized by stylized, geometricized, flattened forms of landscapes that look scenographically like the scenery of an emptied scene.

The wall was decorated by the most famous representative of the neofresco genre in Lithuania and one of the pioneers Tadas Vincaitis - Plūgas.

The project, partly financed by the Lithuanian Culture Council, was implemented by the Ignalina NPP Regional Development Agency.