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Fountain of Liberty Square in Ignalina

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Ignalina Freedom Square is decorated with a fountain that invites you to freshen up in the water in summer and festively decorated in winter. The fountain was installed in 2006, its author is the Ignalian sculptor Jonas Grunda. 

The main volume of the sculpture consists of stone blocks placed on top of each other in a dynamic rhythm, imitating the leaves of a water lily. The stone blocks are placed leaving considerable gaps, which gives the sculpture the impression of lightness and the impression of transparency. The top of the sculpture is “crowned” by a white marble shape symbolizing a water lily bud or the legend of the city - the love of Ignas and Lina. 

The motif of the water lily was chosen for the sculptural composition not by chance - it is used in the Ignalina district coat of arms.

In 2019 a water lily spread out at the top of the fountain. Instead of the former white marble water lily bud, the top of the fountain was adorned with a white marble water lily blossom.

Video: https://youtu.be/s74FZ6pTkxc?t=45