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Kazitiškis Manor

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Kazitiškis manor is known since the XVIIth century and is famous for its park. The park was founded by owners Mikulskiai. The park is now more vibrant in spatial structure,although poor in plants, but valuable for another reason. It is one of the few national geometric terraced parks in Lithuania. Along the main entrance of the park, the main trail leads to the Gilutis lake, located on the lower terrace. There, to this day is a beautiful linen tree alley. There are many old, powerful native trees in the park - oak, ash, maple, mountain elm. The striking oak tree, which has a diameter of about 120 cm and a height of 26 m, looks particularly impressive on the upper terrace. There are 19 species of exotic trees and shrubs that include european larches, northern white cedar with its spherical shape (Thuja occidentalis 'Globosa'), bigleaf liden, grey poplars, common and hungarian lilacs, guelder roses, jasmines, sibirian pea tree, white robinia... The oldest gray poplar with a stem diameter of 120 cm and a height of 28 meters seems to be the strongest. Since 1986 Kazitiškis Park is a natural monument of local significance.


Kazitiškis eldership and library are now located in the main building of Kazitiškis manor.