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Kazlupiškės mound

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Kazlùpiškės mound is located in the territory of Ignalina district municipality, south of Kazlupiškė monastery (Kazitiškis eldership). It is an elongated hill surrounded by valley fields. To the northeast of the mound, behind the ravine, is another hill. The slopes of the mound are sloping, about 15 m high; named ariant. The site is oval, 77 × 30 m in size, with a prominent center. At its edges are the remains of a culture layer about 0.3 m thick. Found molded with a striped and smooth surface of ceramics, slag. On the north-eastern and south-western slopes of the mound, a 0.45–0.9 m thick cultural layer has survived. The mound was used for 1 millennium BC. In the middle of the 1st millennium AD. Exploratory archeological research of Kazlupiškės mound in 1978 and 1985. conducted by archaeologists of the Scientific Methodological Council for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.

The mound offers a beautiful natural landscape, you can admire the blue Dysnai Lake in the distance.