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Monument to composer Mikas Petrauskas

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The creator of the first Lithuanian opera "Birutė", composer Mikas Petrauskas was born in Palūšė. Apparently, his father, who played organ in the Palūšė church, who played organ in the Palūšė church, had introduced his son's soul with miraculous sounds of music, and the mother, who was born in the surrounding area, taught him to feel the beauty of nature. Mikas talks about music as a lover: "Music is comforting in the misery, music gives strength to hikes, determination, music gives the brain a good rest after fatigue, strengthens and refreshes the thoughts." In Palūšė in 1973, commemorating the 100th birthday of the composer, a sculptor J. Kėdainis built a monument to composer M. Petrauskas.