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Monument to the Casimir Society in Meironys


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In 1927 was founded Meironys branch of the Saint Kazimieras Society. It was led by Genutė Blažytė (other sources state that Kazys Blažys and Alejūnaitė). Their activities were modest but significant: organized parties with performances, May festivals, lectures with music and dances, gatherings that helped maintain Lithuanianness. On 1929 marked Meironys branch of Saint Kazimieras 2-year anniversary on the eve before Saint Laurynas indulgences, at the beginning of the village was builded a stone cross - a monument. There was written on it: “Saint Kazimieras, patron of Lithuania, lead our Homeland to a bright future.” At night, the cross was demolished and drowned in Lūšiai lake by the Polish border guards: only the foundations and the crucifix left. The fishermen found a "drowning", but could only lift it after the lake had frozen. It was hidden for more than 10 years, rebuilt only in 1940 May 26th. Now the environment of the monument is managed by rural women, Ignalina district eldership.

Not a random and memorial cross place. In the beginning of 20th century crosses stood at the beginning and end of each village, they were to protect the village from calamities.