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Tomb of Professor Adam Hrebnicki

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Professor Adam Hrebnickis, a famous Lithuanian pomologist, has investigated 629 apple trees, 223 pears, 240 plums, 105 cherries and a few dozen shrubs. Grew imported from Russia, Poland, Germany, USA, as well as local fruit tree varieties, explored fertility, fertilization, and observed frost resistance. Adam Hrebnickis discovered, researched and distributed fruit tree varieties, who weren't known by the Lithuanian pomologists, but were grown in the gardens of Lithuania and called them: “Beržininkų ananasas“ (Pineapple of Beržininkai), “Beržininkų avietinis” (Raspberry of Beržininkai), “Gerkonių avietinis” (Gerkonys Raspberry), “Lietuvos cukrinis” (Lithuanian Sugar), “Lietuvos pepinas” (Lithuanian Pepin), “Panemunės baltasis” (Panemune White).

1903–1906 edited “Atlas Plodov“ (“Fruit atlas“). It described and illustrated the varieties of fruit tree and presented a variety evaluation in Lithuanian climate conditions. 1904–1906 offered a list of fruit tree varieties for Russian regions. In 1911, he published an informal Lithuanian assortment of fruit trees in the magazine Plodovodstvo.

1890–1904 In Staniškės near Dūkštas, pomologs garden were planted in 14 ha teritory, and the area was renamed from Velnynas (Devil) to Rojus (Paradise). In 1961 in this place was established prof. Adam Hrebnickis Memorial Museum.

Buried in the southwest corner of Dūkšteliai cemetery, inside the Stankevičius family tomb. Built in 1943. The grave tomb consists of a dark sanded granite tombstone with the inscription "A. Hrebnickis 1857 - 1941" and a dark granite monument - a stela with a cross on the top.