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Pūškos mound

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The mound is located at the upper southern end of a massive hill on the peninsula of the western shore of Lake Prūtas. The site is trapezoidal in shape, narrower at the southern end, almost straight on the northern side, descending to the south, elongated in a north-south direction, 75 m long, 50 m wide in the north, 32 m in the south. It has a cultural layer with streaked pottery. A 0.5 m high, 11 m wide embankment was built on the southern edge of the site. Slopes of medium steepness, 6–15 m high, eastern - status.

The mound was greatly destroyed in 1845. built on it (initially as a chapel) Pūškai St. The Church of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy (its wooden annex was introduced in 1936), a cemetery, a manor cemetery, various buildings, and roads on the slopes. Now a lot of soil is around the church, the eastern slope is overgrown with deciduous trees.