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In 2021, the community of Dūkštas region was awarded a statue of honor of Lithuania, which is now publicly available and anyone can see it. The main idea of the awards in 2021 was ordinary Lithuanian people who do extraordinary work at this extraordinary time. After all, it is important to notice extraordinary feats, extraordinary stories and good deeds.
Dūkštas eldership and the whole community united helped a large Russian family who lost their home after the fire. The family of Tatjana and Konstantinas Deriuginai has been living in Dūkštas eldership for 5 years. They raise thirteen children. The family, who visited Lithuania as tourists, became so fascinated by the Ignalina region that they bought a plot of land with a house and settled here with their children. Unfortunately, the happy family life was disrupted on December 26th. a fire broke out - all the family's property burned down: a house, outbuildings, cars. Fortunately, none of the family members were harmed. The whole Dūkštas community extended a helping hand to the affected family. People contributed what they could: donated household appliances, clothes, various household utensils and money, and what at least a jar of jam. The Deriuginai family did not expect such sincere help from people, they say they felt part of Lithuania, not emigrants.

Audrė Kudabienė and Saulius Prūsaitis traveled to Dūkštas to present the statuette and donated concert to the community.