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Vidiškės Saint Virgin Mary's Church

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Vidiškės has been known since ancient times as an old manor by Lake Varnys. Manor owner Jonas Kaminskas in 1828 built a church. In 1840 the church was renovated.  The current Vidiškės St. Virgin Mary Visitation Church was built in 1901-1906 and in 1906 consecrated by Bishop Eduardas Ropas. The parish was established in 1921. Vidiškės church until 1933 stood empty and abandoned. That year with the priest Z. Žeidys initiative and the help of the parishioners, the church was repaired and renovated: the roof was covered, the big tower cross was built, which was broken by the wind. In 2006 August 27 Vidiškės St. Virgin Mary Visitation Church celebrated its centenary. While preparing for this celebration, the idea arose to renovate the church, tidy up its surroundings, and replace benches. Vidiškės Church, as it celebrates its 100th anniversary, received the personal blessing of Pope Benedict XVI. It is neo-Gothic, cross-plan, single-towered, with a lower five-walled apse, turrets. The churchyard fence is metal, with brick posts. A cultural monument is preserved in the church: the painting "Christ with a crown of thorns and a reed in his hand".