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Vilkakalnis observation tower

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Hill in Ignalina city area, above Lake Žaliasis (Šiekštys), near Lithuania winter sports center. There is a 25-meter-high viewing tower, with stunning panoramic views.

Once upon a time, there was a wooden ski jumping springboard in this place and it was higher than this tower!

The history of sport in Ignalina has been written since 1951. Nature itself has created a terrain for skiing here. In 1958, Bronius Šimkūnas from Ignalina took the initiative to establish a sports base and build a springboard in Ignalina. When a beautiful and mountainous area was found, the location of the sports center is chosen between the steep hills near Lake Šiekštys. In 1963 a 50 m long wooden ski jumping springboard was built on Vilkakalnis Hill and was the highest on the territory of Lithuania. The jumps made it up to 60 meters. The famous springboard that attracted a large number of participants and spectators was active in 1962-1973. In 1965, the first Lithuanian Ski Jump Championship was held in Ignalina.