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Water spring of Lina's tears

Nature, Observation Towers, Cognitive Trails, Mounds

In the northwest part of Ignalina, along the road to Visaginas, is the lake of Ilgis. According to the legend, the Ignas and Linas castles drowned on the bottom of the lake, and therefore the water spings near this lake are called the tears of Lina by locals. One stream breaks under water near the Ignalina-Poviliškė gravel road. There is an arbor, fireplace and bridge to the water spring. Another source is hiding on the slope next to the village of Poviliškės. It is convenient to get water from this source with a cup or a small bottle. The water is clean and delicious. Interesting fact - in the bottom of the lake boils streams of water, this video film shows some of them.