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Chapel-mausoleum in Zuikai village cemetery.
Count Bortkevičius family chapel-mausoleum standing in Ignalina district, Zuikai village cemetery, about 5 km southeast of Ignalina, 0.7 km west of the road 102 Vilnius - Švenčionys - Zarasai.
The chapel has been repaired. Building of stylistic architecture, rectangular plan, open walls, plastered masonry. Memorial plaques with the names and dates of the buried are built into the wall and columns (in Polish).
The Bortkevičiai ruled the Kazokinė manor. Zuikai village belonged to Kazokinė manor, which was ruled by Edmundas Bortkevičius. After the death of his son Jonukas, his father built him a stylish classic chapel in the Zuikai Cemetery. His parents were buried in front of the chapel, and he and his wife, mother-in-law, dead children, and housekeeper were buried in the basement below the chapel.