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The cozy warm environment of the sauna, the magical steam, the rustling of shingle leaves, the intoxicating aromas of plants, the knowledge of the bath master, gentle hands and a good attitude will help you recover your physical and spiritual strength, remove the burden of worries, improve your health and quality of life...

I am a bather from Ignalina. in 2004 I finished the Baltic Bath Academy course. I got the first and basic knowledge about the miracles that take place in the sauna from a wonderful teacher, guide, doctor, famous Latvian bather Ziedonis Karklinš. I studied various massages, knowledge of Baltic energy signs and their practical use. I have participated in two international championships in grooming. In the second, held in 2009 In Finland, I won the sympathy of the audience.

I know plants well, I know their healing powers and magical properties, which are perfectly revealed under the influence of heat and steam. When choosing individual sauna procedures, I take into account the wishes of customers, the possibilities of the sauna space, and the calendar of lunar and solar days. I pay special attention to the importance of the first steam.

I am a director of mass celebrations. I organize and conduct festive sauna evenings, which can be attended by a larger number of people. I am fully aware of the great importance of not only physical health, but also our spiritual state, harmony of mind and heart, human happiness, I organize ritual sauna evenings in the sauna for various personal and calendar holidays.