Eco-hike Lithuanian Carpathians

Activity tour

Autumn is the best time for new hikes and new experiences. Want to see a different region of Ignalina? Discover the hilly beauty of the Lithuanian Carpathians? We suggest traveling with us on a completely "fresh" route. A 10 kilometer route around Ceikiniai will reveal the features of this terrain. The route is quite complicated: we will climb up and down steep hills and mound; we will overcome the brooks of the brook with a perforated roundabout, slippery rocks along the glacial riverbed, and climb over fallen trees. And we will regain strength by hugging centuries-old oaks, and at the end of the hike, sipping on wild berry tea and more.
So, be prepared for challenges, unseen imagery, and a good rest in nature.

Day: September 22, 2019 (Sunday).
Start: 10:00 p.m.
Category: Moderate; waterproof hiking or work boots with non-slip soles.
Meeting place: Ceikiniai / Ignalina district /
Distance: ~ 10 km.
Duration: ~ 4 hours
Route: Ceikiniai - Juodiškis - Lake Korin - Paragiškė, - Paragiškė mound - Paceikinė lake,

Surface: forest road, gravel road, off road.

Tour guides:
Category I guide Rita Ramanauskienė.
Category II guide, ethnologist Sigutė Mudinienė
Contact: tel: 868587308; e-mail: [email protected]

Registration by September 19th

Registration link:

Entry fee per person: € 7
Children under 15 years (hike suitable for children from 12 years: € 4

The price includes:
Tour guides service.
Homemade pie, forest berry tea (during the hike, travelers will have 2 hours of rest; one of them will have a drink of forest berry tea and make a homemade pie).

Important information:

People who sign up for a hike and pay by bank transfer will be sent 2 emails. letters. 1st - with a bank account link through which you will be able to make an entry fee (no print copies required). A payment will be sent to your 2nd email. letter with description of the route and meeting place.

Persons paying by cash on the spot need to confirm their registration in a way that is convenient to them: SMS or Facebook, phone call or email. by letter. You will then receive an email. letter with a description of the route of the hike and the place of meeting.

By registering, the participant confirms that he / she understands that participating in the hike is about testing his / her physical abilities. In case of health problems, the hiker must stop participating in the hike.