Premiere: Eco-hike on the shores of Lake Baluošas / Ignalina district /

Activity tour

This study tour is organized:
For those who like a moderate pace and for those who like to meet new people and places, who like to relax, listen to interesting stories, enjoy being here and now. The hike is especially suitable for people who like new and fun experiences - ie who want not only to go, but also to get to know each other.

One of the most beautiful lakes of Aukštaitija National Park fascinates with its cozy ethnographic villages located on its shores, surrounded by legends, fun and painful life stories. There are 8 islands scattered around the lake, one of which still hides one lake. And wonderful rare plants grow on the shores. You will see a lot with your own eyes, and what you will not see - you will hear stories about the peculiarities of life at Lake Baluošas.

This hike is not for:
For sports walking enthusiasts whose goal is to cover the intended distance as quickly as possible, in the shortest possible time.


Day: October 24, 2021 (Sunday).
Start: 10:00 (registration starts at 09:30)
Meeting place: Trainiškis km / Ignalina district /
Registration link:
Registration: until October 22.

Important information:
Registration for the hike takes place in two stages, as registering for the initial registration does not always mean that the hiker (s) will participate.

Registration / confirmation of registration.
Individuals who have expressed a wish to pay in cash on the registration form must additionally inform whether they will actually participate in the march in a way that is convenient for them: by SMS or Facebook, by phone call or e-mail. letter. This will finally confirm your participation in the hike, after which you will receive an email. a letter with all the information of the hike and a reference to the meeting place.
Individuals who have completed the registration form and expressed a wish to pay by bank transfer will receive information on prepayment at the email address provided.
After the tour operators receive the order - the registration fee, the participant will be sent a second e-mail with all the information of the tour and the meeting place.

Hiking category: uncomplicated
Distance: 17 km.
Duration: ~ 6.5 hours.
Pavement: forest road, gravel road.
The circular route: Trainiškis km - Šuminai km - Strazdai km - Ripelialaukis km - Vaidžiųškiai km - Trainiškis km.
Important: There is no way to stop the hike halfway because there is no scheduled shuttle.

Participation fee per person: € 7+ € 1 ANP visitor's ticket
Children under 15 years: € 4 (children from 12 years old are invited to the hike).

The price includes:
The service of tour guides, homemade cake, various types of tea (halfway, about 8 km away we will sit for a short rest, drink tea and have a homemade cake).
Hiking guides:
Category II guide S. Mudinienė
Category I guide Rita Ramanauskienė
Contacts: tel: 868587308; e-mail: [email protected]

By registering, the entrant confirms that he / she understands that participation in the hike is related to the test of his / her physical abilities, and that he / she is not able to participate in the hike if he / she suffers or feels the symptoms of Covid-19. In case of health problems, the hiker must stop participating in the hike.