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14 km circular pedestrian route Ginučiai - Salos II

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Briefly about the route
12 km
6 h.
Route surface
10% Asphalt
20% Dirt road
70% Forest path

Start of the route at Ginučiai water mill. From the car park, turn left and follow the main road south for about 450 m. On the second road, turn left from the bus stop. The path immediately branches into two smaller ones. Keep right. Follow this road for 2.2 km. On the right side of the road, passing the bog of the lake of Asėkas for 500 m. you will reach a four-way intersection. Keep it right. Follow the forest road for 700 m. and turn right at a sharp angle into the branch road. Travel it in a westerly direction for about 500 m. and you will exit the main road again. Keep right. The road bypasses the Puziniškis mound from the right. After 100 m. you will pass the homestead on the right, and another 150 m. you will reach the bridge and the resting place of Puziniškis mound. After crossing the bridge, keep left, go along the lake to the southeast. After 400 m. the road makes a sharp bend and climbs a mountain. Another 400 m. you will reach the village of Islands. At it you will reach a triple junction, step towards the village of Islands II. It is about 1 km away. At the beginning of the village of Islands II, after passing the clone standing on the right, turn right. Take the field road to the forest and through it to the T-junction. In it, turn left. Travel along the shores of Lake Linkmenas to the canal connecting Alksnaitis and Linkmenas lakes. a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists was built through the canal. There is a pedestrian and bicycle path from the channel to the top of Ladakalnis. When you reach the first fork, turn left and the second fork to the right. The rise is steep. The same gravel path leads from Ladakalnis to Ginučiai mound. It starts to the left of the wooden observation platform and winds through the wilderness to the road Kimbariškė - Ginučiai. After crossing the asphalt road, continue along the gravel path towards Ginučiai mound. After going down the stairs, turn left and walk along the hillside through the car park. At the end of it, a small outdoor path begins. Walk it for about 300 m until you reach the next road. Turn right and drive another 0.5 km until you reach an asphalt road. Turn left and 0.5 km. you will reach the Šiliniškės observation tower. From the tower, return to Ginučiai village. Go through the village on the main street to the watermill from which you started your hike.



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