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Beekeeping Museum

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The only beekeeping museum in Lithuania is protected by sculptures of pagan gods and invites you to get acquainted with the secrets of beekeeping. It is fun to take a walk, taste honey or relax in the hammocks on the museum grounds. Indoor interactive exhibits invite you to visit the beekeeper's house, workshop and even the hive itself.

The Beekeeping Museum is located in the north-western part of Aukštaitija National Park, on the edge of the Minčios Forest, in the oldest village of the park, Stripeikiai, which was first mentioned in the Livonian Chronicles in 1357. Its homestead and open-air museum exposition are located on two picturesque hills separated by the flowing Tauragna stream, fed from the deepest lake Tauragnas in Lithuania. On the hillside, where the ancient horizontal and steep stump hives are located, you will be greeted by a sculpture of the Lithuanian bee god Babil. In the ancient cottage, visitors get acquainted with the history of beekeeping of the Lithuanian nation, how Drevininkai protected bees from bears, which were common beasts in the Minčios Forest at that time. In the ancient barn there are exhibitions of local artists, in the third, former farm building the works of beekeepers and carpenters, their tools and ancient honeycombs are exhibited. After visiting the exhibits, descending to the stream, where there are gazebos, you can enjoy the honey brought by bees, and wash the sweat of summer under the waterfall.

Across the Tauragna stream, it is useful to visit the barn of the bee goddess Austėja, inspired by the aroma of summer herbs visited by bees. At the barn is an ancient Lithuanian altar, on which a sacred fire is lit in honor of the goddess Gabija during the museum holidays. Here you can also admire the magnificent four oak sculptures depicting the myths of four nations, including Lithuanians. They tell visitors about the spiritual experience of mankind, the origins of beekeepers, bees, nectar plants. On the Liepų hill, on the second hill, there are fun offers for families - invitations to swing with winged swings, bee honeycomb-shaped sandboxes, nature therapy in hammocks under the lime trees, friendly conversations in the gazebos.

Museum accepts visitors from May 2nd to September 30th from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. Monday is a days off.

Admission for adults - 6  €

Schoolchildren, students and pensioners - 3 €

Preschoolers and people with disability - for free

Family ticket - 16 € (for a family of up to 6 people with one or two adults and children under 18)

Excursion for a group of people (no more than 10) costs 20 € or 2 € for a person, if a group is bigger than 10 people. Excursions are booked in advance.

Educations are booked in advance.

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    Bitininkystės muziejus https://www.facebook.com/1645849785650245/videos/188199813163400

    Bitininkystės muziejus https://www.facebook.com/1645849785650245/videos/188199813163400

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