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Linkmenai mound with a settlement (Castle)

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One of the earliest ancient settlements is a mound near Linkmenai, by people called Pilele . Its site is covered with a dark cultural layer. The mound is surrounded on all sides by ponds and wet meadows. The mound is cultivated, the north-eastern slope is overgrown with alder. The mound is located on a separate hill. The site is oval, elongated in the north-west-southeast direction, 25x19 m in size, 1.5 m lower in the south-western part. On the north-western slope, 4 m below the site, there is a 2 m wide terrace. The slopes are steep, 8-10 m high. A high-voltage electric pole is buried at the bottom of the northeast slope.

On all slopes there is a settlement at the foot of the 0.3 ha area, where striped and roughened pottery and slag have been found.

1958 the mound was explored by the Institute of History, 1976. and 1985 - Scientific Methodological Board. The mound dates back to the first millennium - the beginning of the second millennium.

It can be reached from Švenčionėliai-Utena highway in Linkmenys by turning right towards Benediktavas (Ginučiai), crossing the power line, turning left at the homestead, 500 m through the homestead on the right (it is 100 m to the East behind it).

The mound is recognized as a state protected object.