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Lukošiškės Blessed Virgin Mary Our Lady of the Assumption Orthodox Church

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Lukošiškės Blessed Virgin Mary Our Lady of the Assumption Orthodox Church - Old Believers' Prayer House in Lukošiškė, Tverečius eldership, Ignalina district. The church is located 0.6 km northeast of the road 112 Ignalina-Didziasal.

Old Believers' Prayer House 2017

This sacred object is maintained and maintained by the local religious community. This Community Initiative 2013 The Orthodox Church is included in the Register of Cultural Values of the Republic of Lithuania (unique code 37169), which is characterized by sacred, architectural and ethno-cultural values. This sacred object is valuable for both external and internal architectural details: the church's facades are horizontally lined with wooden boards, two-door doors are externally lined with a decorative "herringbone", wooden window structures are protected, and inside the building is a wooden painted altar cross. This cultural heritage site has a local significance level.

Lukošiškė Old Believers' Parish was founded in the 20th century. in the beginning. 1912 The prayer house of the Old Believers' religious community (Old Orthodox Pomeranian Church of Lithuania) was built in Lukošiškė village. According to other sources (according to the testimony of the inhabitants of this village), the prayer house was built in 1901. After World War I, this territory belonged to Poland.

1948 the Soviet government nationalized the prayer house of all religions and other church buildings and cult goods. 1949 In the 19th century, Lukošiškė parish was registered and entered into a long-term lease for the use of the prayer house for religious services.