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Mažulonys Mound

Nature, Observation Towers, Cognitive Trails, Mounds

The Mažulonys mound with the settlement is a cultural monument and a state-protected object. It is located 0.2 km southwest from Mažulonys village, 5 km southwest from Naujasis Daugėliškis, east from Vėlionys Lake, near Zablatiškės - Mikalavas road on the south-east side of the forest. There stands strongly built castle mound with a medium sized square. The cultural layer is found at 5 m in the mound. There was founded remains of wooden buildings, mold ceramics and various 11th-13th centuries articles. The north-west and south-western foot of the mound was an ancient settlement (an area of ​​3.5 ha).


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