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Cognitive Trail of Meironys

Nature, Observation Towers, Cognitive Trails, Mounds

For more than two decades, visitors of the Aukštaitija National Park have been introduced to the wonderful nature of this region by an educational trail by Lake Lūšiai, between the villages of Palūšė and Meironys. In 2021, the reconstructed path was renamed Meironys Educational Trail.

The main highlight of the renewed trail is the very clear relief of the area. The steep hills have formed a natural labyrinth of "roller coasters", where small ponds, lakes and streams are hidden. Directions and three-color trail markings help you not get lost in the maze of hills, as the trail consists of three circular routes of different lengths. Each ring of the educational trail reveals a different natural habitat of the area. The yellow color marks the most picturesque part of the 3.7 km long trail, where two hills overlooking Lūšiai Lake are competing for which one is higher. Winding through a swampy hollow, the green route extends the walk to 5 km. And if you also connect the blue ring of Lake Taramas, the total length of the trail reaches 5.5 km.

The trail is full of information stands, some of which involve children and adults in interesting, educational games. The information presented at the stands describes the uniqueness of the landscape of this area, reveals the secrets of the nature trail and tells intriguing stories about plants and animals. Therefore, it is not by chance that the Meironai educational trail is also the educational space of the Nature School, where you can spend your time meaningfully.