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Springtime, 1950s March 9, on the eve of Soviet elections, Laukstenių k. The bunker area was blocked by garrison soldiers - Chief of Ignalina MGB Division. Lieutenant Zinchenko and Captain Moiseyenko's 17-man military-Chechist group. The soldiers came by car from Pashvogina and the end of the road to the bunker on foot. Another group of soldiers remained in ambush should the guerrillas contemplate retreating to the Foreign Village.
The guard, observing the enemies, commanded to leave the bunker and prepare for defense. Approximately 1 km. from the bunker, pursuers hit a guerrilla ambush - killing 1 soldier and 1 wounded. But the retreating guerrillas dispersed one by two and became targets for the soldiers themselves.
The retreating foreigners hit the established machine guns and died one after another. P.Cicėnas - Žalgiris tried to ride a horse from behind, but the bullets also hit him. Two fighters fell on Lauksteniai mounds. Of the twelve guerrillas, seven were fortunate enough to withdraw. Admiral Petras Cicėnas - Žalgiris (from Daubariškė village), Albertas Vytėnas - Horror (from Ažvinų village), commander of Erškėžis company, and Jonas Čičelis - Ramūnas (Šermukšnis), officer of Šventoji district headquarters, were killed in the retreat. and Stasys Butrimas - Revenge (from Yakenai). During the persecution of the guerrillas, ordinary Red Army Tolkach and Arzubov were injured, and the latter died the same day from the injuries he received.
The bodies of Grunwald, Horror, Ramun and Kerst were taken to Kazitiskis by substation and kept overnight near the school in Baubin Garden. No one protected the corpses - elections were held and Kazitiškis was full of troops. Before dark, several substations carried guerrilla goods from the bunker - the accordion played - and the jubilees celebrated the destruction of the "bandits."
In the morning they took the corpses to Ignalinon, taking off their shoes, putting their mouths in rosary, and putting prayer books in their hands. For greater ridicule, some were supported by barefoot stands, others planted - ostensibly by "bandits" rallies. It looked awful: barefoot, for Mr Cicenas his fingers were only on his skin - the shots hit his hands. A.Vytėnas was hit by a grenade blast half his head. One of the fatalities was cut in half by a machine gun series.
The circumstances surrounding the destruction of the clock hopper are well known: an act written by the MGB states that the operation was carried out on the basis of a report by informant Ragauskas.