Palūšė St. Joseph's Church, Bell Tower and Chapel

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Cultural Monument, built in the second half of XVIII century that is considered a folk architecture ensemble. State-protected object. Located in the a village of Palūšė, on a high hill, near Lūšiai lake. Priest of Adutiškis Juozapas Stockis Basiliauskas (Bazilevskis) in 1747 began to build the church on his own expense on the land inherited from his parents. Construction was completed in 1757 (from other sources - 1750). Built from pine trunks, just with an ax, without saw blade. Between 1815-1830 the church was renewed. In 1841 church building was newly planked. In the end of XIXth century chapel was built in the church yard. Later, the church has been repaired several times, therefore the inside of the church is very different from the original design and decor. In 1885 baroque style organ was built. Organist was the father of Kipras and Mikas Petrauskai. At 1994 with the help of the state, church was restored. In 1999 organ was reconstructed. There are reconstructed organs in the Church, that were organized more than a hundred years ago by the father of Kipras and Mikas Petrauskai. The church, its bell tower, chapel and wooden fence surrounding the churchyard form the ensemble of wooden architecture. Inside there are valuable pieces of folk art - paintings painted on a board, carvings, brass bells decorated with baroque ornaments, molded in 1752 and 1772.


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