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Paringys St. Heart Jesus Church

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In Paringys, the first chapel was built around 1620, which became famous for the sculpture of the Crucified Jesus. In 1745 a wooden chapel was built. In 1818 a new chapel was built, an altar was installed, and a priest was appointed. It functioned as a branch of  Daugeliškis parish. The Tenth Indulgence, which took place in 1837, June 25 (July 7 according to the new calendar) became a historical event. Then there was a huge fire, almost all the worshipers who came to mass, almost 300 people (the exact number is unknown), including 3 priests, died in it. This is the largest number of people killed in a fire in Lithuania. Some of the dead are buried at the chapel.

The current Paringys St. Jesus Heart Church was built in 1838. In 1933, under the care of pastor Jonas Ramelis the church was repaired: a turret was installed, a wooden sacristy was built on. Renewed in 1966. This church is also famous for the fact that it was built on a miraculous spring, and next to it was the stone on which the Heart of Jesus appeared to people. After sprinkling this water, people were cured of various diseases. Now there is a well near the Paringys church, where the same magical water flows from. The parish was established in 1921.

The church has features of classicism, a rectangular plan, with a turret, a 4-column portico, and side chapels. There is a one-floor bell tower in the churchyard. Its fence is brick and metal.