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Prof. Adomas Hrebnickis  homstead house-musieum 

Museums and Exhibitions

Prof. Adomas Hrebnickis  homstead house-musieum is a fabulous place from which many species of fruit trees, including pineapples, originated. There is now a museum, educational events and a fragrant garden.

The Ignalina Regional Museum is located in a small village of Paradise, near Dūkštas, in the Ignalina district, in the shade of green centuries-old trees. The paradise was founded by A. Hrebnickis, the most famous Lithuanian horticultural pomologist at that time, a professor at the St. Petersburg Forest Institute. All his life he had devoted himself to the study of varieties of apples, pears, cherries, plums. A huge collection of fruit trees was collected in his garden.

The museum was opened to visitors in 1961. The museum has as many as five rooms for exhibits. One of them exhibits the most famous works and manuscripts of the professor, the other photos, thank-you notes, fruit and berry mugs. In the professor's office - his personal belongings, written letters, the museum is decorated with stained glass windows with his image. There is also a room for her daughter Mary, where her painted paintings are exhibited. The terrace on the second floor offers a great view of the surrounding ponds and the wonderful surrounding nature.

Educational events take place in the museum. Every year, the International Museum Day is celebrated, participating in the autumn fair in Ignalina, and music and poetry evenings are organized. The museum is visited by both individual visitors and organized excursions, received by guests from America, France, Poland and other countries. We are glad that the museum, which is frequented by tourists, has also become a place for meetings and cultural leisure activities. Paradise Park attracts those who want to spend time in nature, go fishing or just hold a photo shoot.