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St. Virgin Mary Mercy Mother Church of Pūškos

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St. The Church of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, was built on the top of Pūškės mound.

On the peninsula of Lake Prūta, on the border with Belarus, at the upper end of a massive hill, Pūškės mound dates back to the first half of the first millennium. The hillside to Lake Prūtas reaches up to 15 m. The mound was greatly destroyed in 1845. built on it (initially as a brick burial chapel) of St. Church of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy (church restored in 1970). Next to the church is the old cemetery of Pūškai manor, the grave of the Pisaniai family has survived.

The church is in the form of a traditional dwelling house. Worship services are held in Lithuanian and Polish.

Panoramic interior photos