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Švedriškė Church of St. John the Baptist

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In 1920 after Poland occupied the Vilnius region, the western part of the parish remained without a church. A temporary chapel has been installed in the village of Garbšiai. Marija Leščiauskienė, in 1927 donated 81.4 ha of land with huts to the future church. In 1928 a temporary chapel was installed and in 1929 a priest was appointed.

The current Švedriškė St. John the Baptist Church was built in 1933, under the care of priest Jonas Gurauskas, and equipped in 1934. The church project was prepared by engineer Stasys Taškūnas. It was a branch of Salakas parish. 1960-1989 was pastored by Antanas Juška. The church is Neo-Gothic, rectangular plan, two-towered, with a tower, narrow apse and low sacristy. Inside the church, Neo-Gothic style also dominates. The fence of the churchyard is metal, with reinforced concrete pillars. There is a cemetery next to the church.