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Dūkštas St. Stanislavas Kostka Church

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The first wooden the Church of the St. Exaltation of the Cross in Senasis Dūkštas, in Dūkštas Manor around 1601 built  Rudaminos, the owners of the manor. In Dūkštas 1729-1773 there was a Jesuit mission. Since 1901 Bernardas Raštikis, father of General Stasys Raštikis, worked as sacristan (for about 40 years). He took care of the church, distributed the Lithuanian press. 1910-1914 a branch of the Lithuanian Catholic Temperance Society was active. In 1925 a parish was established.

The current wooden Dūkštas St. Stanislovas Kostka Church was built in 1934-1936. In 1956, after the burning of the Senasis Dūkštas church, it became a joint parish church. The church has a rectangular plan, a single tower, with an apse and a turret. In 1991 it was restored. Inside there are three naves, the sides are much lower. A low wooden bell tower stands in the churchyard. There are 2 cultural monuments in the church: paintings of St. John the Baptist (author John Rustem) and "Mary with baby" (author unknown).