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Rimšė St. Trinity Church

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Until 1669 Feliksas Pacas built a chapel in Rimšė, and the first Catholic church in Rimšė was built in 1747. The current wooden Rimšė St. Trinity Church was built in 1900-1908 using part of the old church.  1862-1863 there was a parish school. In 1925 the church was rebuilt, a parish was established. 

The church has a cruciform plan, one tower, with a three-walled apse. The churchyard fence is stone masonry. During the construction of the church, an organ was also installed, the style of which is varied, the architectural parts are close to late classicism.. The works of art in the church are cultural monuments: the painting "Mary with the Child" (at the bottom of the painting is a painted table with the coat of arms of Pacų), "St. George".