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Kazitiškis Park

Nature, Observation Towers, Cognitive Trails, Mounds

The oak of Kazitiškis is an object of natural heritage located in the Ignalina district, Kazitiškis village. Oak grows in the manor park. Oak volume is 4.45 m, height - 29.9 m. Kazitiškis oak grows in a rare terrace park. The park was founded in the nineteenth century, occupying an area of ​​4 ha. It has relatively well preserved geometrical structure, plenty foreign trees and shrubs.

The park was established then Kazitiškis manor was management of Mikulskiai. The park currently has a brighter spatial structure, poor plants, but valuable for another reason. It is one of the few terrace parks in Lithuania with a geometric layout. The main path along the park starts from the access road in the northern part of the park and leads to lake Gilutis on the lower terrace. A beautiful small-leaved lime tree alley has survived till this day. There are many old, powerful local trees in the park – oaks, ashes, maples, mountain elm trees. The ordinary oak tree, which has a trunk diameter of about 120 cm and a height of 26 m, looks especially impressive on the upper terrace. From exotic trees and bushes, of which 19 species and forms grows here, worth mentioning handsome European larch, western thuja and its spherical form forma (Thuja occidentalis ‘Globosa’), large-leaved lime-tree, gray poplar, simple and Hungarian lilac bushes, garden snowball-tree, jasmines, yellow pea-tree, white-flowered acacia. Probably the most powerful looks the old gray poplar, with a trunk diameter of 120 cm and a height of 28 m. In 1986 Kazitiškis Park has been declared as natural monument of local significance.